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UltimateIssues.com is dedicated to creating better people and a better world through open, honest discussion and dialogue about the ultimate issues in life.  The goal is to speak the unspoken, and for listeners to hear the unheard in order to create new heartfelt understandings and mindfully emotional breakthroughs regarding these ultimate issues.  The title and nature of the website, blog, vlog, and podcast was originally inspired by Dennis Prager’s “Ultimate Issues Journal” as well as the “Ultimate Issues Hour” on his radio show.

What are “ultimate issues”?

As the subtitle suggests, ultimate issues can be broke down to three major and universal categories: Life Issues (ie. relationships, ethics, choices), God Issues (ie. existence, faith, significance), and Success Issues (ie. happiness, money, purpose). They are the issues, dilemmas, problems, challenges, ideas, and/or topics that are significant and important to peoples’ lives in general.  For instance, dealing with the issue “Is it always wrong to tell a lie?” is an ultimate issue, because everyone will wrestle with this question at some point in their life (even President Lincoln, “Honest Abe”, according to a Geico Commercial).  Another ultimate issue is “Why am I here?”, sometimes expressed as “What’s my purpose?”, or more broadly couched in the question “What’s the meaning of life?”.  These and other ultimate issues, once truly dealt with, create dynamic shifts toward leading a better and more meaningful life for individuals and their families.

In contrast, there are less significant issues and topics that won’t be discussed… like: fashion, gardening, sports, weather, or recipes.  Not that these aren’t fun and perhaps interesting topics for many people… but in general, these are not significantly influential topics regarding how you live your life or how you treat others.  Unless of course gardening is a vehicle for your significance, but thats a topic for another show…

In other words, “Ultimate Issues” is the serious talk at the dinner party not the small talk.  It’s the podcast focusing on the meaningful conversations versus meaningless conversations people engage in.  And the content is to be presented in a very mindful and insightful way.  While the nature of the topics will often be provocative, the intent of the show is not to maliciously provoke or agitate.  “Ultimate issues” is dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better by dealing with the big issues we all face.

What Ultimate Issues is NOT!

  • Internet “Get Rich Quick” scheme (seem to be a lot of those out there now)
  • Purely Motivational (Yes, readers/listeners/viewers should feel more motivated by certain content… but that is a byproduct and not its sole purpose)
  • Just A Front For Other Internet Businesses (see “get rich quick” note above)

UltimateIssues.com IS dedicated to one task: Providing clear, understandable, and applicable content FOR FREE! No gimmicks, no strings, no obligations, no guilt… Really!  We just want to give you great content that makes you think (again).

ONE TASK: 3 missions

  1. Create Better Individuals (Mindfulness, Happiness, & Integrity)
  2. Clarity of Thought (Beyond Stage One Thinking & Intellectual Honesty)
  3. Inspire toward Action (Persuade Self and Others toward Goodness and a Meaningful Life)


The host, Roman Footnick, has a strong belief in arguing the issues and not the person.  Only the beliefs, ideas, and issues presented are discussed or attacked not the person with the beliefs, ideas, and issues.  “First of all, ad hominem attacks are non-sequitors. Attacking me or others personally instead of the argument does NOT follow logic and reason – those attacks are emotional reactions directed toward the content of someone’s character rather than the content of their argument.  Instead, just stay focused on attacking the arguments, viewpoints, and/or evidence” says Roman.   “Second, when someone does engage in ad hominem attacks, just realize they did so because they probably cannot refute your ideas or the content regarding what you have said… and so, out of desperation, fear, or anger, they attack you, the person, and call you names.”

Because the Ultimate Issues podcast and UltimateIssues.com is dedicated to asking provocative questions and providing intriguing insights, it must be made clear that no offense is intended and should not be taken by our listeners or readers.  If you disagree, let us know – we would love to learn from you (comment, email, twitter, facebook).  We want open and honest debate and dialogue with our listeners and readers.  Like Dennis Prager says about his show, the Ultimate Issues Podcast “prefers clarity over agreement“.  This means it is more important that the ideas expressed on Ultimate Issues Podcast and UltimateIssues.com are understood clearly by our audience, rather than agreed with by all our audience .

Roman explains, “It is far more important to me that people clearly understand where we truly differ on an issue, than that we come to an agreement over an issue… I want to know where we disagree on values, facts, and outcomes…  Sometimes, based on differing ideals and beliefs we simply end the discussion or debate because we finally clearly understand each other’s differences – and that’s enough.  I am content knowing that I have articulated my thoughts well, and at least there has been cause to wrestle with previously held beliefs and ideas – on both sides.  I truly and deeply believe: a) good people can differ on ultimate issues,  b) even the most negative thoughts/emotions/behaviors are rooted in positive intent, and c) clarity is power.  Even though I may get overly passionate at times, keeping these beliefs in mind helps me remain or return to a calm and thoughtful state of mind while in the midst of debates, challenges, and arguments with people whose thoughts I strongly disagree with…”

So whether you agree or disagree, or just have an opinion – let us know what you think!  UltimateIssues.com and the Ultimate Issues podcast are here as an open, benevolent forum for thoughtful ideas and dialogue.  Heated debates are welcome, but ad hominem attacks are not.  Also, Roman has a strict policy regarding preserving people’s dignity and strives to not embarrass or shame people.  Therefore, he asks the same of his listeners and readers when they engage in debates on the comment boards (and with people in general).

Thank you for listening.  Tell a friend. And leave comments.  Roman loves hearing from you (even when you hate what he has to say)!