Parsha Ki Tavo: Whom Do You Thank?

This week we read parsha Ki Tavo (Ki Thavo, Ki Tabo, Ki Thabo, or Ki Savo) “when you enter”.  Ki Tavo consists of  Deuteronomy 26:1–29:8.  And here is a very brief summary of the parsha.   Deuteronomy 26 1When you have entered the land the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance and have taken possession of it and settled in it, 2take some of the firstfruits of all that you produce from … [Read more...]

UI 068: Losing America… How Did We Get Here?

This week we explore an ultimate issue raised during a conversation I was having with a friend who is my elder, and thus has greater wisdom and life experience than I.  I am still of the opinion that respect for elders is a good and necessary thing for society... though that is unfortunately not the current trend. In an interesting discussion this man offered his theory about why America is in … [Read more...]

Parsha Ki Teitzei: A Loved Wife, a Hated Wife, and the Firstborn Son?

This week we read parsha Ki Teitzei (Ki Tetzei, Ki Tetse, Ki Thetze, Ki Tese, Ki Tetzey, or Ki Seitzei) which means "When/If you go..."  Ki Teitzei consists of  Deuteronomy 21:10–25:19.  You can read a brief summary here.   Parsha Ki Teitzei is riddled with laws and rulings.  There are 74 of the 613 laws given in just this parsha.  Since I wrote about the captive woman last time, this … [Read more...]

UI 067: DIET… What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know and Your Trainer Won’t Tell You.

Amazingly I actually got to catch a snippet of the Dennis Prager show live today (Tuesday Sep. 2, 2014.) But I only got to catch a call that really annoyed me, though it inspired this podcast. Dennis had been discussing that there has been another study declaring doctors and scientists are clueless about dieting for weightloss  (and I'm paraphrasing of course... My words, not Dennis Prager's.)  … [Read more...]

Parsha Shoftim: The Asherah Hypothesis

This week we read parsha Shoftim (Shofetim or Shof'tim) which means "judges."  Shoftim consists of  Deuteronomy 16:18–21:9.  You can find a very brief summary here. Just before parsha Shoftim begins we read at the end of parsha Eikev, that the Lord instructs us to observe Holy festivals - concluding with the command to be joyous on Sukkot. Deuteronomy 16 (NIV): 13Celebrate the Festival of … [Read more...]

UI 066: Would the World be Better Without Religion?

While having discussions among friends I've hearing a recurring theme. "Religion is the cause of much of the evil in our world." When I ask them to elaborate and give examples, they come up with the most obvious first: Radical Islam:  ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Iran, Al-Qaeda, on and on. Okay, so lets move beyond the low hanging fruit. Any non-Muslim examples? Answer: "Sure. … [Read more...]

Parsha Re’eh: You Can’t Have it Your Way

This week we read parsha Re'eh (Reeh, R'eih, or Ree) which means "see."  Re'eh consists of Deuteronomy 11:26–16:17.  You can read a very brief summary here. Deutoronomy 12:8  You are not to do as we do here today, everyone doing as they see fit,... Again we find there is nothing new about humanity.  3,500 years ago people wanted to simply do what felt good to them.  God (who brought them out of … [Read more...]

UI 065: Violence

***WARNING*** This Podcast is about violence and so I used some graphic language in describing violence, and some of that has been transcribed in this blog. What do you think about violence? Let me paint a picture for you and you can think about it. Imagine a young single mother has just put her child down for an afternoon nap.  She makes a snack and sits to relax and watch some … [Read more...]

Parsha Eikev: Mission Impossible? Or Mission So Simple?

This week we read Parsha Eikev (Ekev, Ekeb, Aikev, or Eqeb) which means "if you."  Eikev consists of  Deuteronomy 7:12–11:25.  You can read a brief summary here. Deuteronomy 7: 12If you pay attention to these laws and are careful to follow them, then the Lord your God will keep his covenant of love with you, as he swore to your ancestors. 13He will love you and bless you and increase your … [Read more...]

UI 064: Why Hysteria and the 6 Human Needs (pt. 2)

In the last episode I discussed various hysterias (if that is the plural form... Is there a distinct plural form for hysteria?), and why they are an ultimate issue (a main point being they distract from real evil and high risk threats). So, I figured in this episode I should tackle WHY people choose hysteria as a mode of operation. I suppose I should first admit my assumption.  Yes, I think … [Read more...]