UI 072: A Real Tragic Combination on Real Time

In a rare moment on television something actually intellectually interesting happened.  It was on the recent Bill Maher show "Real Time" and it involved a debate between Maher, Sam Harris (author), Ben Affleck (actor), Nicholas Kristof (columnist for NY Times), and Michael Steele (former Republican National Committee Chairman). Below is a link to the video I play and discuss on the … [Read more...]

Parsha Ki Tavo: Whom Do You Thank?

This week we read parsha Ki Tavo (Ki Thavo, Ki Tabo, Ki Thabo, or Ki Savo) “when you enter”.  Ki Tavo consists of  Deuteronomy 26:1–29:8.  And here is a very brief summary of the parsha.   Deuteronomy 26 1When you have entered the land the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance and have taken possession of it and settled in it, 2take some of the firstfruits of all that you produce from … [Read more...]

UI 061: Whom Do You Blame?

When you see evil, whom do you blame? If you see a seemingly innocent person murdered whom do you blame?  The murderer or the person murdered.  Or perhaps you blame society, or the economy.  Perhaps you blame the gun.  Maybe you just blame God. How you determine culpability says a lot about you. Primarily it may determine whether or not your moral compass is broken or not. And what … [Read more...]

UI 059: Israel (part two): What Should Israel Do?

  There is so much I want to talk about.  We just celebrated July 4th, Independence Day, and while I am overjoyed and grateful for being an American, I am also saddened and dismayed by the lack of meaning the 4th of July now has for many young adults.   As Dennis Prager recently cited on his show, there is a sharp decline in young adult Americans (up to age 35) who feel a sense of … [Read more...]

UI 058: ISRAEL… An Ultimate Issue

What you think about Israel is it a litmus test for what think regarding many issues in life.  Many people would rather not think about Israel, and therefore have no opinion on the matter.  And my guess is those people are probably that way on many other controversial issues in life.  But what is it about the tiny Jewish state of Israel that makes it so controversial?  How could a country the size … [Read more...]

UI 056: Is Profanity a Problem?

I think words are powerful.  The words we use affect ourselves and others.  This phenomena happens all the time.  Whether spoken or written, words carry tremendous meaning, and those meanings have profound impact on the human mind and soul. When my wife expresses her love for me, and uses words that cause me to feel loved, admired, and appreciated my whole being is lifted and elevated.   It is … [Read more...]

Parsha Naso: Immaterial Inheritance

This week we read Parsha Naso or Nasso which means "lift up" though understood in this instance to mean "count."  Yes, like what I wrote regarding the census in parsha Bemidbar last week.  Naso consists of Numbers 4:21–7:89.  Here is a very brief summary. This is how Naso begins by discussing the Gershonites: Numbers 4 (NIV) 21The Lord said to Moses, 22“Take a census also of the Gershonites … [Read more...]

UI 053: Who Am I to Judge? How Marxism has Shattered the Moral Compass.

So in listening to a recent Dennis Prager show on his podcast, I was struck by the opportunity Dennis had to make it clear to his listeners how morally confused many people are despite (or because of) their great intentions or great education. On the podcast I play the actual snippet, but since doing this podcast Dennis Prager used this exact same call for his own article this week: A … [Read more...]

Parsha BeMidbar: A Nation of Individuals

This week we read parsha BeMidbar or B'Midbar (not Bamidbar) which means "in the desert."  Parsha Bemidbar consists of Numbers 1:1–4:20.  You can read a very brief summary here. Numbers 1 (NIV) 1The Lord spoke to Moses in the tent of meeting in the Desert of Sinai on the first day of the second month of the second year after the Israelites came out of Egypt. He said: 2“Take a census of the whole … [Read more...]

UI 051: Discriminate – Tolerate – Celebrate – Unity

Is it wrong to discriminate? Is it good to tolerate? Why should we celebrate? I don't want to say I told ya so, but I did.  I've mention several times on this podcast, and in my class on Torah Means Teacher (my other podcast) that the greatest issue I have with same-sex marriage is the blurring of distinctions between the sexes. While males and females are of equal human value they are … [Read more...]