UI 000: PrePilot Episode “Start at the Beginning, Now”

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So, you don’t where to start?  Well, the answer is so simple, we often dismiss it or discount it as simplistic, but it’s not.  The simple answer on where to start is:  at the beginning.  And how do you begin anything?  By starting.  It really is that simple.   The rest is commentary.  Now go learn.

Often we get caught in the grandness of our endeavors and create a mental gridlock that paralyzes us from ever starting on our journey.

  • “There is just so much to do”
  • “I’ll never get all this done”
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing”
  • “There has got to be an easy way”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “This is not the right time”

These are just a few of the disempowering and paralyzing conversations we have with our selves.  But would you say that to someone else who wanted to start something?  What would you tell your child who wanted to learn a musical instrument?  Or simply wanted to learn how to swim?

Wouldn’t you encourage them to start with the basics?  For instance, if it was music, maybe you start them with a very simple instrument like a recorder, or simple hand drum.   And as they start their first rhythm or melody, wouldn’t you applaud their efforts?  Not because it was Mozartesque, but because IT WAS A BEGINNING.  And you know that if they keep up with it, they will improve.  You know that for others, repetition begets skill.  You know that for others, repetition builds momentum.  You know for others, in order to start anything it is best to start … at the begining.

So, let’s look at my other example:  Your child wants to learn how to swim?  Do you just say, “Look kid, I know your genetic potential and you are no Michael Phelps so don’t even bother learning how to swim.”  No!  Nor would you say, “Hey kid, you are not old enough and strong enough to do every stroke of swimming well.   Let’s wait ’til you are 16 years old and have developed a physique capable of perfectly doing the butterfly stroke and THEN maybe we will discuss you starting swim lessons.”

Of course not.  You would start them at the beginning, which may simply consist of putting them in a swim suit and just getting in the pool and hopefully having some fun while splashing in the water.

I suggest you have the same attitude for yourself.  Stop taking yourself so seriously and allow yourself to start without being an expert.  Allow yourself to make new mistakes.  Be merciful with yourself and allow yourself to start at the beginning.

It may seem simple (and it is), but it is not simplistic.  Starting at the beginning requires a disciplined mind.  A mind that utilizes your willingness to reach out beyond your current self, challenge yourself, and be vulnerable to new uncertainties.


That willingness will be the topic of the next Ultimate Issue…


Any thoughts you would like to share? I’d love to hear your opinions.


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