UI 077: Visions of the Anointed: Dehumanization & Globalization

eye-491625_1280We are approaching a tipping point in our world.   A very patient and tireless crowd (ie. the “elites”) has influenced the masses into being lulled to believe what the media reports is truth, what the experts say is irrefutable, and what celebrities say is significant and important.  While our society maybe very literate compared to our recent past, it makes no difference because they lack the ability to gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  Many read what they are told to think.  How many people are waiting to form an opinion until after someone else does?  This is why the “polls” are so important.  Not because they influence policy, but because they influence the masses into believing the policies are just and/or necessary.

Human beings have free will.  And part of that will is found in our ability to think for ourselves, and make our own logical decisions based on evidence and wisdom.  But the anointed ones have been doing a good job of destroying that ability.

Human beings are to be judge by their behavior.  Their behavior is largely influenced by their values and beliefs.  But the anointed ones want us to believe otherwise.

Human beings are neither intrinsically good, nor evil.  In general we are intermediaries battling between our inclinations to do good or evil (this goes back to free will.)  Conversely the anointed ones are convinced people are basically good, and no person is evil (rather they are “sick”, “crazy”, “deranged”, “disenfranchised”).  Actually to make matters worse, they have doubled down on their efforts to convince us that people are “good”, and “evil” ones don’t really exist.  The anointed ones preach moral relativism.  Nothing is intrinsically good or bad, its all just a construct from our opinions and paradigms.  Who are you to judge?  One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, right?

Human beings are to be free to choose the lifestyle and culture that they feel is best, and live with the consequences of their actions.  Their are significant differences in cultures and lifestyles, but not in race.  The anointed ones have determined the opposite.  Gender is mutable, race is not.  Sexuality is fluid, ethnicity is not.

Human being are free to decide whether or not they are a victim.  We are free to decide whether or not we take offense.  But the anointed ones peddle victimization and offensiveness to suit their agendas.

And this leads us to the anointed ones desire to have us submit to their rule and live strictly by their opinions.  In Dennis Prager’s book “Still the Best Hope”, he lays out that there are three competing ideologies for world domination.  One is Leftism. Another is Islamism.  And the third is Americanism.

Of these three choices only Americanism relinquishes power to the people… allowing them to be full human beings.

Leftism necessary demands a LARGE secular government, which necessarily means smaller citizens subject to the rule of the few anointed ones, and is by all means dehumanizing.

Islamism also necessarily demands a LARGE religious government, where all are subject to Sharia law and again individuality and liberty are destroyed and people are dehumanized.

Americanism (Liberty, “In God We Trust”, and “E Pluribus Unum”) is still the best for mankind.  It is the only option that allows us to remain liberated humans and free to rule ourselves.

Leftism and Islamism dehumanizes the individual into race, class, or creed.  But Americanism leaves us to be judges solely on the merits of our behavior.

Leftism and Islamism seek to erase borders so we become live under a one world governance (global totalitarianism).  On the other hand Americanism values holds that each should govern themselves, and we will help to liberate a people but not dominate or rule them.  Each state and country becomes its own social experiment free to do as they wish (so long as its ethical), and each shall reap what they sow.

That Leftism is so dominant amongst American youth is mind boggling.  The university system has done an amazing job creating useful idiots.

And Islamists have done a fantastic job of instilling fear and terror so that people submit or at least remain silent as they further destroy the middle east and currently infiltrate Western Europe.

We must stand and fight and not be silent.

Silence is agreement.

There is no savior in the form of a politician.

Think for yourself.

Don’t believe the hype and hysteria regarding prophetic crises, and their prophetic solutions.

More often than not neither the problems nor their solutions are not as complex as the anointed make them out to be.

Use your common sense and wisdom gained from past experiences to make intelligent decisions.

Own your decisions and don’t rely on anyone to fix your problems.




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  1. Hello, I just came across your podcasts a few months ago and caught up on quite a few of your most recent. Episodes 77 and 68 are my favorites. I recently purchased Prager’s book “Still the Best Hope” and looking forward to reading it soon. When are you going to do more podcasts? Seems the last one was about 6 months ago.


    • Thank you for your comment! Sorry for my delay and absence. YES! I’m doing what I can to work Ultimate Issues development back into my schedule. Thank God, my family and business are great and require my time and focus, but the truth is I miss speaking with you and wrestling with the great issues via this media. Thanks again for listening and your comment. It’s folks like you who inspire me to do more.

  2. Sher Rosenthal thinks:

    Are you still doing this? I started to relisten to your podcasts and really appreciate your comments and commentary.
    Just wondering.
    Kol Tuv,

    • I have not been. Many apologies. Business and family needs have required so much time and focus that my other passions suffered. I’m getting back at it… one way or another. Thank you for your comment and RE-listening 🙂 You truly inspire to do more, and push harder to make time when there is none. I’ll get it done.
      Shalom Uvracha,
      G’mar Hatima Tovah,

  3. Wyatt Fields thinks:

    Hey Dr. Footnick! Sorry to drop an unrelated question to the video. I just started listening to this podcast and Torah Means Teacher. I was raised Free Methodist and much of my conflict personally and amongst my peers regards much most of the content of the first books of the Bible. Your podcast has provided immeasurable clarity and I thank you for it.
    I just finished episode 14 of Ultimate Issues, but my question is in regards to the episode of Race, Rasicm, and Diveristy. I was discussing this topic in my Literary Critism and Theory class, and this rebuttal was given: how do Christians or Jews distinguish humanity as one race despite evidence of Neanderthal and Homosapiens?

    • Thank you for listening and your question.
      So Neaderthal was a separate species (or at most sub-species) from Homosapiens. So if one thinks as I do that we are all one race (human) (albeit with familial/tribal variations), then hence its synonymous with species. There are no living Neanderthals today (nor have there been for about 40,000 years.) Today there is just one race/species of the Homo variety and that’s Sapiens. The way I deal with Torah and this seeming paradox is through my understanding of what Genesis is trying to teach us. Eventually my classes on Genesis will come out on my other podcast, Torah Means Teacher (www.torahmeansteacher.com) Basically, Genesis(along with the rest of Torah) is not to be read as a history,biology,physics, or any other science book. Rather, it is a book explaining “why” we are here, not how we got here. The stories of “how” are allegorical, and meant to teach lessons about our human character and how we can relate to an infinite, immutable, and ineffable Creator. All that said, I’ll give you my take. When ‘man’ is made, he seems to be made as a primordial man. His name is “Adam” likely because he came from “adamah” which means Earth. So the primordial “man” is simply an “earthling”, in fact that is how I prefer to translate “Adam” often. This earthling seems to evolve. First he gets to ‘know’ animals (which amazingly early humans (like neanderthals)did as well). Yes the Torah alludes to interspecies sex. But he finds no mate, then God steps in and creates a much more refined human… the woman. At this point man is also more refined (God worked on him to create the most refined creature.) An argument I make for man’s evolution during woman’s creation is: Upon seeing her he miraculously is gifted with poetic speech. The couple further evolves by partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and bad. After which, God says ‘now they are like us’… they have evolved substantially and that is who we are today. We are free willed, frontal lobe engaging, large grey matter earthlings. We are all that has survived that process. And the Torah is our operating manual. And in case thats not clear enough, the flood story reinforces this idea because everyone is wiped out presumably, except for Noah and his family. So after the flood we are all considered Descendants of Noah. Literally in Jewish teachings, all of humanity is known as “B’nei Noah”, children of Noah. Jews get separated from b’nei Noah, when we become b’nei Israel “children of Israel.” And our role is to aid b’nei Noah to follow the 7 Noahide laws. We don’t all have to be Jewish, but we all have to recognize there is one God who demands we act ethically. To your faith’s credit, Christians have done a better job at spreading this teaching than we have. So thank you!
      Hope that makes sense. And I hope that helps answer their rebuttal. Thank you!

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